Get Snatched at HKFit

If you’re curious about Snatched, I’ll bet you’re someone looking for a change. You may even be looking for a total transformation of your body and your behaviors. Your physical health impacts so many parts of life - dating, energy levels, confidence, and more. Read below to learn how our Snatched program is changing the lives of people just like you.


ground-breaking, total body makeover program


meet 3x a week & increase in intensity

Resistance Training

with kettlebells & body-weight calisthenics


to maximize your results & to establish life-long habits

M/W/F 10:30 a.m. - T/TH 7:30 p.m. - Sat 10 a.m.

What does Snatched entail?

If you really want the most out of your Snatched experience, it requires a serious commitment. This is no “quick fix.” The good news is we’ve got you covered with all the following:

  • Snatched Foreplay Workshop with the HKFit team
  • 3 kettlebell and body-weight group classes per week
  • MFF Snatched in Six Weeks workbook
  • Unlimited email and online support
  • Nutrition coaching and education emails
  • Post Snatched personal fitness planning for continued health & hotness goals
  • Progress pictures before and after Snatched
  • Optional Progress Picture contest – winner gets their money back!
  • Flexible scheduling – switch from your primary Snatched group up to six times based on availability
  • An online community! Get to know your fellow Snatcheders through a private Facebook Group.
  • And of course, a Snatched Wrap Party, a night dedicated to celebrating the success of all the participants who worked their butts off for six weeks

I  can do so much more than I thought I could. I can lift more, I can do one more rep, I do have time in the day, I can find a better relationship with food. Blows my brain that all I had to do was commit to the idea and the fortitude I had been searching for just kind of found me.

Before Snatched, my time management skills were a mess. I couldn’t find time to work out, to cook, to self care, to breathe. I had convinced myself that I didn’t have time in the day to take care of me. Snatched taught me that that’s simply untrue. It’s some straight up personal bullshit. You know what? I   do have an hour three times a week to commit to taking care of my body at HK Fit. Which lead to the energy to find time to cook healthy yummy meals which lead to time for self care which, my god, lead to found time for my big lofty pursuits in life. All that happened in six weeks. And it all started with a phone call with Steph and committing big time to Snatched. – Kim


I learned that my body can do more than I ever imagined. I usually stop when I am tired, but I learned that I actually have a lot more gas in the tank. It’s been exciting to see what my body can do when I give it the chance!

I get super pumped walking into HKFit knowing my badass teacher is going to bring the workout party! Steph brings  the knowledge, power and inspiration to every minute of class and I never thought working out could be so much fun. The snatched community and the disco ball make even the hardest workouts a blast!

I fell in LOVE with myself, food, and fitness. I started snatched because I was at a low point. I was hating how I looked, eating all the junk food and then hating myself for it, and using working out as a punishment. I had the all or nothing mentality. If I wasn’t doing it perfect, then I just wouldn’t do it at all and unfortunately that meant I was constantly giving up. This program flipped how I looked at health and diet. It showed me that eating healthy doesn’t mean bland, that having some cake isn’t a sin, and to not beat yourself up if you don’t do it “perfect.” This is a journey and not a race! I’ve learned to cook delicious meals, swing a kettlebell like a beast, and refocus my attention to the cool and awesome things my body can do and not just what it looks like. – Dione


Over my six week journey in Snatched, I have realized that there is so much more to working out and keeping yourself accountable to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Snatched has allowed me to reach goals that I have been struggling to attain for the past 10 years!!!

It is so much fun coming into a class at HKFit, knowing that I will be leaving with a great workout, and new techniques and workout methods to attain my goals!

I have found a community of amazing people that I never would have been able to meet, and a wealth of knowledge I now have in my workout routine, as well as my diet. I am able to eat foods that I never would have thought of before. My tracking methods for my daily diet are very sustainable and I can’t thank you enough for this experience!!! HKFit will be in my life FOREVER!! – Zack

I learned that I WANT to push myself. I CAN do one more swing or burpee. Surrounding yourself with people who also want to do that is such a help!

The whole experience! I love the music, the work out, and Steph!

I limited myself with my workouts because I thought I wasn’t capable of pushing myself. Now I know I can do so much more. As for food, I’ve started meal prepping and knowing it’s ok to have a sweet treat and to not let it ruin the whole day.  All around Snatched was just awesome! – Megan