HKFit Classes

Come in, get sweaty & have fun
in a room full of amazing humans.

Classes at HKFit are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) resistance training group classes. They focus on kettlebell and bodyweight calisthenics. From warm-up to cool-down your HKFit Coach is there to make sure you’re nailing your technique so you can CRUSH your workout.

Here's a quick description of the 4 types of classes we offer each month.

HKFit Foundation

This is our signature workout at HKFit where the focus is on HIIT training with kettlebells and bodyweight calisthenics.

HKFit Go

This class will focus on shorter work sets and breaks where we work on light weights and higher reps to get our CARDIO on!

HKFit Strong

This class will focus on longer work sets and breaks where we work on lifting HEAVY SHIT with some power/cardio sets sprinkled in along the way!

HKFit Disco Party

This class takes all of the training elements of our regular classes to a circuit-style class. 10 stations keep you moving around the studio with music going and the disco ball spinning!

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