Steph Wilberding

HKFit Founder - CFSC & Certified Health Coach
Steph comes to LA from NYC where she spent the last 5 years on the team at Mark Fisher Fitness in Hell’s Kitchen. Her passion for fitness stems from her personal journey with fitness and weight-loss. She created HKFit so that others may have the fitness home she had - one filled with fun, accountability and some badass workouts!! Let’s get it done LA - we’re gonna CRUSH it together, one rep at a time!!!

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"It's been my honor to be a part of Steph's journey in fitness from her time as one of the very first "Ninjas" at Mark Fisher Fitness, to on-boarding her onto our team as a coach, to watching her apply her considerable talents as a master coach. She understands both the technical side and human side of what it takes to get results while enjoying the process. I couldn't be happier to know that LA will get to work with such a thoughtful, passionate, and driven coach."
Mark Fisher, Founder of Mark Fisher Fitness
"I had the pleasure of observing Steph coach while she was working at Mark Fisher Fitness and was so impressed by her coaching abilities. It was incredible to watch how elegantly she coached technical skills while being encouraging and helping her clients feel strong and capable. Her clients are lucky to have a coach like her!"
Molly Galbraith, Co-Founder of Girls Gone Strong
"I've worked alongside Steph for 4 years and can say without hesitation, she is one of the wittiest, most knowledgeable coaches I know. Her ability to make people feel comfortable is unsurpassed, and her coaching style makes even the most complex ideas easy to understand. She is the perfect blend of book smarts, humor, approachability, and kindness."
Amanda Wheeler, Founder of Formation Strength
"Steph has an uncanny ability to teach with equal parts clarity, compassion and hilarity. Her mind and eye for beautiful movement is only outmatched by her generous heart. Anyone would be lucky to have Steph as a trainer!"
Brian Patrick Murphy, Trainer at Mark Fisher Fitness
a Human Kind of FITness
At HKFit we believe in RUNNING your own race, one workout at a time.
We believe that when we are stronger we are happier and the world gets better.
HKFit is changing the world one happier, stronger, kinder human at a time.

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